Studio Mimoza

Studio “Mimoza” is a Beauty Center and an Educational Center with yearlong experience in Cosmetology.

Body and facial care as well as body and facial rejuvenation treatments are our specialty and we pride in our semi-permanent make-up and eyelash extensions expertise.

As a team of highly professional specialists we use only the latest, the best and the most satisfying products and methods on the market, and we pride ourselves in our clients’ happiness and loyalty.
Our clients choose from a variety of manually or machine performed treatments based on our continuous guidance, advise, and help with your well-being in mind.

We are proud representatives of the most prestigious Beauty Academy – the Phibrows Academy. In our team we have 6 different categories’ Phi Artists: Royal, Assistant and Master (educator) level professionals. Our yearlong educational experience includes client care, problematic skin treatments, overall aesthetics and fine-tuning to each and every client’s needs and wishes.

Our plan is constant growth, both in our service and in our professional development and we plan to excel in pampering each of our loyal clients and show only the best of service to our new clients.

We are here to assist you in making your goals a reality!

Educated, friendly, smiling and hard-working staff members always at your service