Phi Fragrance

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Phi Fragrance is a unique flow of sensual fragrance that will provide the sort of elegance and welcoming atmosphere for your studio or home, adding that special touch of PHI Style. The smell represents everything PHI is about- sophistication, style and inspiration. This special vanilla- buttercream scent is formulated with an unforgettable sensual note. It will help you and your clients feel special and relaxed.

Smell is a super powerful sense, in many situations it can make the clients act in a certain way like buying some products or services, and even more important associate that smell with your brand, building a special connection with your business.
We forget things and people, but by lots of research done, people remember smell a really long time. The huge impact of scent started being applied with success to many business strategies.The part of our brain that controls the smell is located in limbic lobe, which is central part of the brain that also controls our emotions. This means that the fastest way to change someone’s emotions is with some particular fragrance. Design relaxing and creative atmosphere with the right fragrance and feel the difference.

Fragrance: vanilla buttercream

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